I november 2010-udgaven af The Chiropractic Report (vol. 24, no. 6) bliver NIKKB, DKF, SDU og OUH omtalt ganske positivt i artiklen The Profession Advances in 2101 - Review of an Impressive Year. Artiklen skriver bl.a.: "In the future 2010 may well be seen as the year the profession can first claim to have achieved mature and impressive research capacity. This is in terms of the number of qualified researchers, first adequate access to funding and researsh opportunities, and sound structural support for the further development of research. For example: (a) Denmark. In Denmark the Danish Chiropractors' Association (DCA), the University of Southern Denmark (USD - with its chiropractic program led by Henrik Hein Lauridsen, DC, PhD, the associated Research Unit led by Jan Hartvigsen, DC, PhD and the associated clinic at the Funen Hospital led by Søren O'Neill, DC, PhD), and the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB -eld by Henrik Wulff Christensen, DC, MD, PhD) have together prepared an extensive research agenda for 2010-2015.

 Det er da en positiv omtale.